Last year, in 2023, Pepsi had rebranded its logo and visual identity. The new logo and visual identity were unveiled on March 28, marking the brand's next era and coinciding with its 125th anniversary.

Continuing with the rebrand celebrations, Pepsi has unveiled a comprehensive global rebranding initiative. This extensive transformation is now making headlines across 120 markets worldwide, with digital installations featuring the newly redesigned Pepsi globe logo taking center stage in iconic locations like London and Dubai.

London, a pivotal hub for international music, witnessed a digital installation adjacent to The O2 arena, emphasizing Pepsi's enduring support for global music acts. A striking inflatable Pepsi can emerged from the waters nearby, accompanied by an intricate drone light show, creating a visually stunning experience for onlookers.

Across the world, cities like Warsaw and Ho Chi Minh saw the skyline dominated by over 70 hot air balloons forming giant Pepsi logos, yelling the brand's renewed identity from beyond the roof-tops.

Global landmarks in AlUla (Saudi Arabia), along the Nile (Egypt), and at Ain Dubai served as backdrops for vast showcases, each integrating innovative technology to provide consumers with cutting-edge experiences.

Central to this rebranding effort is the revamped Pepsi logo, a thoughtful blend of the brand's historical equity and aesthetics. The updated color palette introduces electric blue and black, adding a modern edge into the classic Pepsi scheme. The signature Pepsi pulse, inspired by the effervescence of Pepsi-Cola, dynamically responds to the beat of music, the applause of the audience, and the rhythm of cultural events.

Eric Melis, VP of Global Brand Marketing for Carbonated Soft Drinks at PepsiCo, remarked on the significance of this visual identity change. Melis emphasized the brand's commitment to embodying the "Thirsty for More" ethos, encapsulating a mindset that embraces novelty and fresh experiences. The unveiling of this new look has been complemented by a worldwide launch in over 120 countries, encompassing various consumer touchpoints, including digital platforms, experiential events, and retail environments.

Melis affirmed, "Our new visual identity is bold, unapologetic, modern, and iconic. Our fans can expect the same great taste they've come to love with even more immersive and entertaining experiences across music, sport, and culture."

The official press release mentions that as part of their commitment to staying at the forefront of cultural movements, Pepsi looks set to deliver innovative products and iconic collaborations throughout 2024. Existing partnerships with global ambassadors, including Baby Monster (Asia–Pacific), Uraz Kaygilaroglu (Turkey), G.E.M., Dylan Wang, and Leo Wu (China), underline the brand's dedication to maintaining a dynamic presence in diverse markets worldwide. The next major spectacle on the horizon is Pepsi's involvement in the UEFA Champions League Final Kick Off Show at Wembley in June 2024, promising awe-inspiring entertainment and setting the stage for a year filled with exciting developments.