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Rebuilding brick-by-brick: LEGO unveils a vibrant new look

Lego's rebranding initiative, led by Interbrand and OLA, introduces a fun design language, elements and a new, custom font to elevate the brand experience.

TJ Maxx bids adieu to Helvetica, adopts a new custom font

TJ Maxx, has moved away from the Helvetica and adopted Maxx, a custom font built specially for the popular clothing and lifestyle brand.

Disney Plus rebrands to a mature, "aurora" look

In a major rebrand exercise, Disney Plus has replaced the iconic blue color with a teal-ish "Aurora" green hue.

Pepsi rolls out a red (and blue) carpet, across 120 countries, for its new visual identity

Pepsi captures attention with its first major redesign in over a decade, making waves in 120 markets with digital installations featuring the revamped logo.