1. Mark Zuckerberg criticizes Apple's Vision Pro in comparison to Meta's Quest 3, highlighting various perceived shortcomings in Apple's VR headset.
  2. The discussion revolves around tradeoffs, with Zuckerberg emphasizing that Quest offers better value and performance for the majority of mixed reality applications.
  3. Zuckerberg also discusses specific features, such as comfort, motion blur, field-of-view, and hand tracking, asserting that Quest outperforms the Vision Pro in these aspects.

In the world of tech titans and their high-stakes gadget showdowns, it seems like Mark Zuckerberg has donned his boxing gloves once again, ready to spar with Apple over who reigns supreme in the realm of virtual reality headsets. And this battle of the tech behemoths is about to get as intense as a VR rollercoaster ride!

What is Zuckerberg's saying about the Apple Vision Pro?

Mark Zuckerberg is not a fan of the Apple Vision Pro and has been vocal about his disapproval, particularly in comparison to Meta's Quest 3. He shared his opinions about the Apple's Vision Pro, unsurprisingly on Instagram and Meta's X alternative: Threads.

According to Zuckerberg, the Apple device has significant tradeoffs that make it inferior to Meta's Quest. His main points of criticism of the Apple device are motion blur, lack of precision inputs, and excessive weight. While he does acknowledge Apple's higher resolution, Zuckerberg says that the sacrifices made for this resolution result in an overall worse user experience, contrary to Meta's goals.

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Zuckerberg asserts that the Quest 3 is not only seven times less expensive than the Vision Pro but is also a superior product in various aspects. Other than emphasizing on its value for money, he described Quest as not only as a better-priced alternative but as "a better product, period."

According to Zuck, Quest excels in comfort, boasting a wider field of view, a brighter screen, and no cumbersome wires hindering movement. He also highlighted the Quest's crispness compared to the Vision Pro's reported motion blur.

What is the price difference between Apple Vision Pro and Quest 3?

The Apple Vision Pro is priced at $3,499 for the 256GB model, with the 512GB variant costing $3,699 and the 1TB model priced at $3,899.

In contrast, the Meta Quest 3 is significantly more affordable, starting at $499.99 for the 128GB version. For more storage space, users can opt for the 512GB model at an additional cost of $150.

How do the sales compare for Apple Vision Pro and Quest 3?

Apple's Vision Pro became available for preorder in January 2024, and sold more than 200,000 units in a couple of months. In contrast, Meta's Quest, launched in 2019, has sold over 20 million units between its debut and February of the following year. Meta's Reality Labs division achieved a significant milestone in the fourth quarter of 2023, surpassing $1 billion in revenue, largely attributed to the Quest's strong performance during the holiday season.

Zuckerberg positions Meta as "the open model" akin to Microsoft/Windows for computers, but in contrast to Apple and its "closed model." He predicts that in the XR space, Meta's open approach will prevail, drawing parallels to the historical competition between Microsoft/Windows and Apple. This perspective indicates Zuckerberg's belief in the openness of Meta's platform compared to Apple's more closed ecosystem.