1. Nothing Phone is introducing discreet call recording on its phones through a new recorder widget.
  2. Users can now record phone calls without alerting other participants, addressing requests for this feature.
  3. The legality of call recording varies by region, with different laws in the UK, India, and the United States.

In what falls under grey areas of ethics and privacy, Nothing, the offbeat smartphone manufacturer, has announced that it will provide a discreet call recording feature on their phones.

Nothing Phone Call Recording Widget

Currently, users have to rely on the default recording option provided by default by Google, which alerted all parties on the call. With the new recorder widget, users can now record calls without triggering notifications to others on the call.

Carl Pei, CEO of Nothing, confirmed this on X.

How does the discreet call recording feature work on Nothing phones?

The new discreet call recording feature can be accessed through a new recorder widget on Nothing phones.

Is this even legal?

Laws about recording calls vary by countries and states. Discreetly recording a call, without informing the other party is legally allowed in some regions and countries.

  1. United States: Call recording laws vary by state, with most states, like New York and DC, adopting a one-party consent policy and others, like California and Illinois requiring two-party consent.
  2. Canada: Callers must be informed at the beginning of the call that it is being recorded, and the purpose of the recording must be clearly stated.
  3. United Kingdom: The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 in the UK generally prohibits third-party call recording without consent. Businesses can record calls with the knowledge of their employees but without notifying the other party for specific purposes like business transactions, regulatory compliance, and national security.
  4. India operates on a single-party consent basis for call recording. While there is no specific law against call recording, participants must be notified about the recording, and consent is required for processing personal data under the Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023.

Why did Nothing decide to implement this feature?

The decision to introduce discreet call recording was in response to numerous user requests seeking a tool to protect themselves against potential issues during phone calls.