1. Disney Plus has updated its logo to a new "aurora" color scheme that blends the blue of Disney+ with the green of Hulu, as Hulu content is being integrated into the Disney+ platform.
  2. The new logo is meant to be a nod to the aurora borealis and possibly the Disney character Princess Aurora, but some fans are unhappy with the change from the iconic Disney blue.
  3. Loyal Kaspar, a New York based agency has worked on the rebrand.

Last year, Disney CEO Bob Iger had announced that Disney will soon provide a one-app experience in the U.S. incorporating Hulu content into its flagship streaming service Disney Plus. Starting this week, Hulu is now a part of Disney Plus. This is not only an update to the content library, but also a major visual rebrand.

Disney Plus officially has a new color palette, replacing the iconic blue color with a teal-ish "Aurora" green hue. The new logo is meant to blend the original Disney blue with the mint green color associated with Hulu. Disney updated the branding from a standard dark blue color that could be easily labeled to a color with no clear name, and a lot of adjectives: intense, teal-like, swampy etc.

The visual rebrand definitely gets the fusion right. Hulu is now a hub in Disney Plus and all of its content, primarily for adults, is a part of Disney Plus. But, does a streaming service with Mickey Mouse as its official mascot, need to have such an mature branding? It's as if Mickey is now a tax-paying adult with a desk job and two kids. Was a rebrand even necessary?

This is quite a facelift. And not every botox treatment is well-received. The change has been controversial, with some fans grieving the loss of the familiar Disney blue that evoked the company's classic branding. Some are calling it soulless, some are calling it bland and some are calling it outright depressing.

Loyal Kaspar, a New York based agency that worked on the rebrand, did meet all the criteria from the requirements brief. Disney Plus blue is infused with the Hulu green and it also adapts the gradient glow branding of Hulu's. They did a great job with the brand refresh. The Aurora Borealis inspiration is spot-on.

They did not change the actual logo. Or the logo font. Can you imagine the uproar if the Disney's iconic font was changed? That would have been a ruthless. For those curious, the name of the font used by the Walt Disney logo is Waltograph.

But, as highlighted by the public response, the new look was not needed.

Disney Plus has a made a special video to promote Hulu being a part of Disney Plus. Check out the video here: