Identity theft is not a joke, Jim! For LLMs, it is just another task. In a kinda-groundbreaking development, Marilyn Monroe has been resurrected through advanced AI technology as a "hyper-real" digital avatar capable of engaging in conversations with fans.

This innovative project, named Digital Marilyn, is the brainchild of AI technology firm Soul Machines in collaboration with Authentic Brand Groups, the custodian of Marilyn Monroe's image and likeness.

What is the Digital Marilyn AI Chatbot?

The Digital Marilyn AI Chatbot, is an AI project that lets users engage and interact with a digital, artificial version of Marilyn Monroe. It is able to read a user's emotions via camera and microphone and respond accordingly. The chatbot mimics Marilyn Monroe's voice, style, and mannerisms to provide users with personalized interactions and emotional connections.

How is interacting with Digital Marilyn like?

The Marilyn Chatbot is not available publicly yet. During the testing phase, when asked about her favourite movie role, the Marilyn Monroe chatbot answered her favorite film portrayal was "Sugar" in the 1959 comedic masterpiece "Some Like It Hot". The chatbot provided a humane reasoning that it was "a challenging role, but also rewarding". Props to AI for being able to talk like AI.

Is the Digital Marilyn AI Chatbot available?

Not yet. The Digital Marilyn AI Chatbot is not available to the public yet. You can sign up on the Soul Machines website to be notified when it is available.

What other celebrity AI Chatbots are available?

Soul Machines has AI-driven "digital celebrities" for other notable personalities such as Carmelo Anthony, Jack Nicklaus, Mark Tuan, and Francis Ngannou. Authentic Brands Group has partnered with Soul Machines to bring more celebrities to life in today's AI-age. The brand portfolio of Authentic Brands Group has iconic figures like Elvis Presley, Muhammad Ali, Shaquille O’Neal, David Beckham, Dr. J, Greg Norman and many others.